It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another LIVE episode of Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum tonight! Our special guest this week is Toby Huss, an incredible comedic talent whose characters include “Artie” from The Adventures of Pete & Pete, “Stumpy” on Carnivàle, “The Wiz” on Seinfeld, “Big Mike” on Reno 911, Rudy Casoni and more! As always, we’ll have another mirthfully maniacal movie for you to feast your eyes upon! As always, you can watch the show and join in the live chat room fun at any of the following URLs at 10pm PST / 1am EST:


Hope to see all of you in the chat room as always!

Don’t forget! We’re holding a special art contest during this episode too, so make sure you send in some entries for us to show live on the air! Yes indeed, your artwork will be judged by the Doc Mock crew and Toby himself! You can learn all about the contest by clicking here. Please try to have your entries turned in by 6pm PST at the latest or we can’t guarantee that they’ll make it onto the show.

Lastly, while you wait for the new episode to air tonight, you can always check out our archived episode from last week! Watch it online at:

Toby Huss appearing LIVE on Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum at 10pm PST 2/12/10