Hey guys, I just learned about this from a friend a bit late, but it’s worth a shot anyway even though there’s only a few days left to get nominated (voting ends November 15th). We’d really appreciate it if you would nominate Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum for the Best Online Video Web Series category in Mashable’s 2009 Open Web Awards It’ll only take a few minutes o’ your time and it’d mean a lot to us. And yes, you can vote once every day so please do! We put a ton of work into this show and don’t make a dime on it, so getting nominated would be pretty spiffy! Just click the link below and login to Facebook or Twitter to cast your votes:

[voting closed]

While I doubt we’ll win since we’re such a new show and other established shows on Youtube have huge fanbases, it’d be pretty spiffy just to be one of the nominees! Many thanks to any of you who take the time to vote for us! We really appreciate all the support you guys have given the show so far!