Yo ho ho creepy cornballs! I’m just here to remind you that Episode #12 of Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum is set to air tonight, Friday September 25th, LIVE at 10pm PST (1am EST), so be sure to tune in and join in the chat room as our resident nurse, Miss Diagnosis, will once again be on-hand to field your questions and comments! You’ll also want to tune in because Drew DiFonzo Marks, a talented improviser at UCB theater from “Last Day of School”, will be joining me as we watch another movie made to splatter your bladder!

To watch the show and join in the chat room madness, just go to any of the following URLs at 10pm PST / 1am EST:

(this URL will redirect you to whatever syndicate is streaming the best at any time)






Wherever you happen to be watching the show from, be sure to hop in the chat rooms so you can blab it up with all the other insomniacs as we watch another bizarre movie together!

While you wait for the new LIVE episode to air tonight, you can catch up on what went down in the Movie Mausoleum last time as the full episode is now available online! And again, for those of you with iPods and/or iPhones now you can get all the Doc Mock episodes on iTunes for free!

Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum - Tickled Pink: Part I


Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum - Tickled Pink: Part II


Alright! See you guys LIVE in the chat rooms for our latest episode tonight!