The MovieTron 5000 is ready to be fired up once again! Doc Mock is back this Friday for a brand new LIVE episode!


Heya kiddies! It sure has been a loooong two weeks hasn’t it? Well, the wait is almost over because Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum returns with another LIVE show this Friday night (June 12th) at 10pm PST / 1am EST! And hey, those two weeks weren’t spent doing nothing! Now you’ll be able to watch the show in a much larger window! That’s right, we’ll be in widescreen format from now on!

This Friday, my special guest will be David Harris from one of the best improv teams in Los Angeles, Last Day of School! I’ve unearthed yet another noggin-numbing movie that you won’t want to miss! And as always, Miss Diagnosis will be keeping you guys company in the chat room as she fields your questions and comments for us to respond to LIVE on the air!

And remember, in addition to being on, the show will also be streaming live on both and in their “thestreamdottv” channels. You can also try the channel on as well in case none of the other ones are workin’ for ya. Wherever you happen to be watching the show from, be sure to hop in the chat rooms so you can blab it up with all the other insomniacs as we watch another movie together!

See you guys this Friday night and stock up on diapers, because this movie is so great you’ll crap your pants with glee at least a few times during the show!